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I love helping people succeed.  I have a particularly soft spot
in my heart for authors, writers, info-product creators, publishers and
content creators.   Does this describe you?

I know that if I can effectively show you
how to write faster
that you will complete more of your books and
other writing projects.  Not only will you help more people by
spreading your message farther and wider but it is likely that you will be
more profitable and happier in your business. 

Now I myself am one of the slowest readers and consequently writers I
know. Yet I've been able to crank out and/or publish many books and
courses and webinars.  

Confession: It did not come easy.  I grew up dyslexic and dysgraphic
with an ample dose of ADD.  In fact, I remember when one of my
teachers asked what I was going to do after high school, I said I was
going to be an author and publisher.  My teacher and fellow students
laughed when they heard this because they knew how hard it was for me to
read and write.

But it is precisely this background and the fact that I overcame my
learning disabilities that makes my new book Real Fast Writing so useful
and unique.   The strategies in the book show how
to write faster
regardless of your skill level as a writer or
content creator.   That is, if you are a great and speedy writer the
tactics taught in the book will help you be even faster.  And if you
are like me, constantly struggling with your writing productivity, then
utilizing the tips taught in the book could absolutely transform your

Additionally, because I'm mindful that there are all of types of learning
styles I have included free video tutorials for readers of the book. 
And if you're into audio books (like I am) we have that format available
for you as well. 

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